I am a multi-media creative who uses the mediums that fit my message.

I'm currently an Interactive Media Arts grad student at NYU and a recent graduate of NYU Shanghai, a jointly established dual degree-granting university by New York University and East China Normal University. I spent three years in China before studying studio art and media in Berlin and New York.

Before starting university, I spent a year in Italy and I've also lived for periods of time in South Africa and the Netherlands and traveled throughout Asia, Africa and Europe.

My work is heavily influenced by my unique experiences, my interest in artificial intelligence art, arte povera, post-internet art and the sub-cultures I come into contact with around the world.

Right now I am focusing mainly on design, creative coding and ai art, directing creative projects with friends and taking commissions as a freelancer.


In my free time I enjoy reading Murakami novels and dancing to Santana.