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the real juju

I’m a creative technologist, designer, and engineer with a passion for creating art with technology. My dual BS from East China Normal University and NYU in a creative technology program developed my skills and interest in AI, which led to me achieving my Master’s from NYU with a thesis focused on the future of VR. Eager to develop my practical experience in machine learning, I decided to pursue Springboard’s Data Science program. Currently, I'm designing and building advanced concepts that explore and integrate new technologies such as AI, AR/VR, IoT, and Blockchain in my role as Lead Creative Technologist at JPMorgan Chase.


Before starting university, I spent a year in Italy and I've also lived for periods of time in South Africa and the Netherlands while studying in Shanghai and Berlin.


My work is heavily influenced by my unique experiences, my interest in artificial intelligence art, speculative and future design, and the sub-cultures I come into contact with around the world.

In my free time I enjoy reading Murakami novels and dancing to Santana.

the artificial juju

Images created using the above photo of me and Dalle2

According to AI, these are indistinguistable from the real me

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