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Visual Art Projects


As part of my show in Berlin, I used dozens of porcelain tiles I had found discarded on the street to create a hanging installation of "ocean tiles." I broke the tiles into thousands of small shards and spent hours painting each individually by hand in ocean colors and textures, as so much of our discarded trash today (tiles included) end up in our oceans. At the show, I encouraged people to take the small pieces of tile and handed them out in order to give them extended life and use. 

Detail of paint used for the tiles


To see the installation of the tiles in my Berlin show, click here. 


2018, film, tiles in the process of painting

(click to see more of my analog photos)

7 Tips on How You’re Ruining Your Relationship Slowly

2018, Mixed Media (Wedding Portrait print on cardboard, acrylic paint, polaroids, matches, dried flowers, printed text and music sheets)

found art.jpg

Today, especially in China, love is following a formula. After reading hundreds of articles about relationship advice, love and marriage, I realized that everything related to love has an answer online. So many aspects of love and a relationship, especially in the age of social media, seem to be fake, from posting couples pictures to gestures of affection to the set course of a relationship from crush to dating to engaged to marriage.


I tried to show this contrast between “real” and fake” in a relationship by using real elements, such as flowers (from an actual Valentine’s bouquet), polaroids, and romantic music on a real wedding portrait, although in the end it still is just a portrait and not a real relationship. The portrait itself is real (I found it discarded in the trash) but the relationship is no longer real, as the portrait was disposed. I also tried to incorporate symbolism, from hot and cold (demonstrated by burnt polaroids and matches and paint dripping down from the music), to advice leading to the downfall of a relationship (article titles cut up to have a different meanings on her dress).

On the wedding dress, I chose a few prominent phrases to stand out in a remixed-text style. On the dress in larger letters are the phrases:


  •  “Say I Love You”

  • “Ruining Your Relationship Slowly”

  • “Doomed Vows”

  • “Taken for Granted”

  • “Distinctive Identity”

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