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My installations at St. Agnes as part of the Die Ausstellung show in Berlin, December 2018

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During the Fall semester of 2018 I took a studio art class at St. Agnes studios, creating, designing and curating a show of my work (along with other student artists). 

Titled "the deconstructed berlin trash diary" I created personal pieces inspired by the scenery of Berlin filtered through my eyes and experiences (see more in the artist statement). My works included installations constructed from discarded objects, a "poster wall" mirroring those around Berlin littered with discarded posters, trash and my own analog photos, a short film series "Berlin Diary" (film, 15 minutes) displayed on an old TV I had found and a living shopping cart sculpture (see the <> piece here).


View of my entire installation


Close up of some of the thousands of shards of tile I painted, along with some intact tile. I found dozens of discarded porcelain tiles at the side of the road. See more about the piece here. 

IMG_0888 copy (comp).jpg

Setting up the poster wall part of the installation

Detail of part of the installation, 2018, various found objects

IMG_0679 (comp).jpg

Part of my short film series on my time in Berlin, composed of iPhone footage and voice memos I recorded over the semester. I recorded things I found beautiful in a lo-fi, spur of the moment way, combining footage thematically over my voice recordings to form a diary of impromptu thoughts and moments.

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