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The mobile garden project was part of my show in Berlin (more info here). As the theme of my show was found objects and trash from the streets of Berlin, I found the shopping cart discarded on the sidewalk on my way to the studio. As part of my experimentation with the materials, I spray-painted the orange and blue shopping cart black. The plants I found on sale in various supermarkets (each for around 5 euros on average) and gave them new life by caring for them in my dorm until the show. The day before I planted the 20 plants into the shopping cart with plastic wrap and soil on the bottom, attaching the tiles (more on the tiles here) from my other project to the cart.

In the end, I repotted the plants and gave them as gifts to my professors and faculty at NYU Berlin so that no plant was harmed in the process.

Analog documentation of the <> project, film, 2018

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