juju generative logo

In P5 I created a sketch that generates 5 different types of juju logos for the different aspects of my future brand (photography, design, and mag, represented by 01.01, the first issue). Inspired by the geometric qualities of "juju" I created my own vector logo that transforms randomly based on keyPressed.


PRESS PLAY on upper left of the sketch to begin and refresh between logos

RETURN – press once for the basic Juju logo

LEFT_ARROW – press for photography logo, can press multiple times to generate more rectangles behind the logo and different colored second “Ju”

RIGHT_ARROW – press for design logo, can also press multiple times for varying rectangles and second part of logo

UP_ARROW – press once to generate the Magazine logo (still on issue 01.01). Rectangles in the back are dynamic and change with each refresh.

DOWN_ARROW – press once for a unique “Juju Inc.” logo. Position and color of second “Ju” and rectangle change with every refresh.

624 generative stickers

I used a draw function with Perlin noise and random functions so that a completely new psychedelic pattern is generated with each keyPressed. I printed several hundred unique stickers to display at the NYU Shanghai IMA show and gave the rest to Changle 624 to sell.

I created a series of stickers in collaboration with a local Shanghai bar, Changle 624, using p5 to create generative patterns so that no two stickers are alike. I created 3 different series of stickers, one using some of the thousands of polaroids on the wall and two others using iterations of the generative pattern I created with the "624" logo.


 press any key to generate a new randomized design.

press the space bar to save the design to your computer.

click and press any key to begin --->

keep pressing keys to generate random designs