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digital collages in photoshop.... [2019]
sorry hold my head.jpg
sorry hold my head.jpg

Shot by Anthony Tripoli on film and edited by me, I created two photos for a "sorry" series, expressing my feelings over a recent relationship through digital art.

sorry ....

sorry about earlier.jpg
sorry lol 4.jpg

Digital collages

created in photoshop, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 1.00.46 PM.png

Digital collage created in Illustrator from tracings of a photo shot by me, two interpretations of the scene from different realities...


Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 1.07.35 PM.png
twisted 5.jpg



Digital collage in photoshop, 2019

Photoshop Series

For this series I took screenshots of collages I created within Photoshop, using the app as a framing device. The Photoshop "frames" give additional information and reveal the layers of an image, serving an aesthetic and useful purpose. Photoshop is one of my favorite tools for creative expression, from photography edits to playful collages and to putting the finishing touches on designs.

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