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ultrasound ai art

using styleGAN2 (pretrained on human faces) trained on over 500 ultrasound images to produce abstract ultrasound art. ultrasounds may appear indecipherable to us and in a way anonymous (everyone looks the same inside) but they have deeply personal meanings for the lives they’ve changed. I used public domain ultrasound images of pregnancies and tumors, ultrasounds that influenced difficult decisions and show the fragility of life. Ultrasound ai art exhibits the abstract beauty of these scans while anonymizing the deeply personal experience we all have with our physical health. Will AI ever understand what it’s like to inhabit a body? 

sample database images
download - 2020-09-10T170716.598.jpeg
download - 2020-09-10T170422.497.jpeg
download - 2020-09-10T170751.263.jpeg
download - 2020-09-10T170409.255.jpeg
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